In terms of gift ideas, this one really stinks (boys, don’t surprise your special ladies with this). But if you’re planning a few keggers this summer, this custom-printed toilet paper is sure to garner some laughs.

Available through Carlberg Design, your toilet paper can now capture everything from funny quotes to your company’s logo (probably not the greatest idea) to pics of your boss (how therapeutic) and even your ex-wife (wow, someone’s bitter).

Or just stick with the tried & true “World’s Crappiest…(you fill in the blank)” version.

Each custom roll of 1-color toilet paper is individually shrink-wrapped and costs a cool $12 if you order 4 or less. If you order more, it’s cheaper, but how many rolls of custom-printed toilet paper does a person really need? You can also mix & match designs.

This isn’t your crappy (sorry) commercial-grade TP either. Designs are printed on 2-ply, facial quality, biodegradable paper.

They even take rush orders. You know, for those crazy times when custom-printed toilet paper is a must.

via Liquid Shirts

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  1. Jill says:

    Absolutely love it!

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