Being a parent with a young child, there is nothing like the fear you have of losing your child in a crowded mall or worse.

Link Child Locator is designed to help you locate your children location by telling you the distances and direction with its small LCD display.

Unfortunately for this parent, this is a concept design and it doesn’t exist in any form other than these images. Lets hope that some company sees both the opportunity to not only make money with this great idea, but more importantly look at this as an opportunity to help save some children.


  • Child’s bracelet: transmitter module that works at a range of up to 100’
  • Parent’s watch: receives the child’s signal and indicates its direction and distance on a small LCD display
  • Designer: Continuum
  • Status: Concept –doesn’t exist in any form other than these images.

Link Child Locator

One Response to “Keep track of your child with Link..”
  1. James Quinn says:

    This thing is weak sauce. I’ve seen much cooler ones over at I picked up their child locator thing after seeing that Duracell commercial. Good stuff that..

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