This deal is hard to pass by and i can’t remember if the One-laptop-per-child can top this? The EeePC 701 SD is a Linux based Laptop with 8GB (SSD) HDD, 512MB and 802.11b/g wireless. The laptop is a 7 inch compact design and weighs only 0.92kg, its graphic user interface for simplicity and ease of use and comes pre-installed with over 40 built-in applications for learn, work and play.

$149 – ASUS Eee PC 701SD

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  1. i alway use my Asus EEE PC when i am out of town because it is very light,~`

  2. Terina Suell says:

    The Asus Eee PC is a netbook computer line from ASUSTeK Computer Incorporated, and a part of the Asus Eee product family. At the time of its introduction in late 2007, it was noted for its combination of a light weight, Linux-based operating system, solid-state drive (SSD), and relatively low cost. Newer models added the options of Microsoft Windows operating system, rotating media hard disk drives (HDD) and initially retailed for up to 500 euros. ;

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