The name says it all – Waterwalkerz let you walk on water! Well, sort of.

More like hobble aimlessly around and try to stay upright. But it looks like tons of fun! And great exercise for the whole family because once you’re in, the ball is in constant rotation. The company claims a short 5 minute ride is enough to tire out even the most energetic people.

  • 25 meter pool can accommodate 5 or more balls simultaneously
  • each ball is tethered by a rope for safety purposes
  • made of strong TPU Polyether material
  • balls won’t pop, but if you do get a puncture, the ball comes with repair patches
  • enough air in the ball for up to 30 minutes of play
  • holds one person up to 200lbs or 90 kilos
  • $710 USD per ball, includes shipping from the UK to the U.S.
  • Waterwalkerz via Bydand Leisure

    One Response to “Walk on water with Waterwalkerz”
    1. Michael says:

      Yeah, very nice, but much to expensive.
      I will have some of this balls for me an my kids – but I think I have to wait when the product comes from China and then will it be for the 20% of the price, ore less like now.

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