If you’re a climbing enthusiast but can’t always make it to the mountain, ClimbStation is the next best thing.

ClimbStation simulates the rock climbing experience via a computer-controlled belted wall. The compact design makes it easier to integrate into indoor facilities such as sports centres and gyms, and the portability of the unit means it can also be transported to a variety of locations like theme and water parks, exhibitions and corporate events.

The ClimbStation is controlled via sensors and smart automation. Simply select the desired climbing level, approach the wall and start the climb! Go faster and the wall rotates more quickly. Slow down or stop and the wall will too.

This is one piece of fitness equipment I’d love to try out.

  • Touch screen displays time, speed, calories burned, height climbed and more
  • Choose manual settings or select from 12 pre-set climbing levels
  • A hydraulic tilting mechanism means the wall’s steepness can range from +15 to -30 degrees
  • Approximately 13′ (4 Meters) high, takes up 75″ x 142″ in floor space
  • Comes with 90 moveable handholds (users can easily increase/decrease the quantity)
  • Multi-language, and can be password-protected, smart card or coin option-ready for a variety of retail purposes
  • The ClimbStation sells for 29,900 EUR (about $42,500 USD), plus delivery. There’s also a more enhanced Custom ClimbStation version, which retails for 38,000 EUR ($54K USD) plus shipping.

    Climbstation via OhGizmo

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