WaterDog Automatic Pet Fountain

The WaterDog provides fresh water for your dog while your away.  Sure, you can leave the bowl full before you leave but, it bakes in the sun all day and fills with dog slobber.  The WaterDog uses sonar to trigger the fountain on and off.  When your dog comes within 3 feet the water fountain turns on and then turns off when he or she walks away.  For only $47 dollars, you can provide your pet with on demand, cool, fresh water all day long …  Hook up the the pooch!


  • Automatic outdoor pet drinking fountain with sonar proximity sensor
  • Turns the water on when the dog is near and off again when it leaves
  • Installs easily on any outdoor faucet; fully adjustable height; no tools required
  • Made of ABS plastic; low-battery indicator; emergency-lockout function

Contech Water Dog Automatic Pet Fountain

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