If your child keeps asking for a puppy this Christmas, why not introduce them to V-Tech’s Smarty Pets instead? Equipped with voice recognition technology, these smart little pets won’t poop in your house and they obey your every command!

Spoken commands will cause the pup to animate and respond with his own voice and body motions – including movement of the arms, head, ears, and body. Watch him dance or “shake hands”. Just have the child talk to the pup and he’ll talk back and play with them.

This toy features 5 activities prepared with a variety of words, phrases and facial expressions that help teach counting, letters and encourage creativity. At less than $35, it’s priced right and is both a fun and educational toy for kids.

  • See puppy’s reactions via an LCD screen
  • Puppy goes into clock mode when inactive
  • Puppies available in blue and pink
  • Suitable for ages 4+
  • VTech Smarty Pets Pink and Blue

    2 Responses to “VTech Smarty Pets won’t poop in your house”
    1. Nicola says:

      Great solution to children that never have enough animals.

    2. JOhn says:

      My cousing would love it! really cool idea

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