Spy Gear Spy Tank With Video Camera
This Spy Tank comes with a built-in video camera and microphone lets you tune in on the spying object via included eye and ear piece. The ATV looks rugged and tough, with its heavy black tread and thin antennae. A video camera mounted to the front transmits a video feed to a monitor in the headset while a sound sensor on the top of the ATV sends audio through an earbud. Children can drive the ATV around corners and under furniture, while simultaneously seeing and hearing what the vehicle does. Its big tires lets it climb easily over obstacles. This will definitely make a perfect gift!


  • RC all terrain vehicle with real-time video and listener
  • See video and hear sounds transmitted by your stealth ATV
  • Full-function, dual-track radio controlled ATV with off-road power
  • 360-degree view button on remote camera
  • Comes with headset LCD viewing screen and ear bud for listening

Wild Planet Spy Gear Spy Video ATV-360

3 Responses to “Spy Gear Spy Tank With Video Camera”
  1. George says:

    Great toy but it whacks out your WIFI network. Goes from 54 to 11 as soon as it is turned on.

  2. erik says:

    i dont see an email address please send it to me thanks for your time

  3. mobiles says:


    […]Spy Gear Spy Tank With Video Camera | GadgetGrid[…]…

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