It’s nearing December and many families will be breaking out the artificial Christmas tree again this year. Though it’s easier to maintain, it just doesn’t have that “real tree” smell – unless of course you use these Pine-Scented ScentSicles.

Infused with the scent of Douglas Fir, these patent-pending 6″ ScentSicles make fake trees smell real! Use them to ornament your tree, wreaths, mantle and more. Each is topped with a gold jewelry cap and brass ornament hook and is said to last for approximately 30 Days (good from Thanksgiving through till Christmas).

ScentSicles Scented Christmas Ornaments

One Response to “ScentSicles makes artificial Christmas trees smell real”
  1. john james says:

    these things dont work, they last for like a day but the smell still doesntbring back the old christmas tree smell!!

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