Cameras intended to be permanently mounted inside a car and used to record evidence of crashes are not new, here is another car camera called the Dash Cam Dually described as “the final answer to all car cameras”. The DCD has two 1.3-megapixel cameras and is packed with GPS, a digital compass and a shock-sensor, and automatically records what’s going on inside and outside the vehicle in the case of a collision.

There are also four infrared LEDs used to illuminate nighttime scenes, and everything is recorded to an SD card complete with time/date logs, speed, location and other details.

Included viewing software shows both camera angles at once, plus automatically pulls up a Google Maps location for any point during playback. A 2GB card is included, but if you have enough storage you can set it to continuously save video; they say that’s handy to monitor teenage drivers or employees.

Of course, there’s always a downside to any gadget, and here it’s the crazy-high pricing. The Dash Cam Dually is priced at $385, which seems madly high frankly.

Via – Car Dash Camera records accidents

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