Vivitar dvr 510n

I’ve been bugging my husband to get me an easy to use (just push a button) video camera for some time.  Sure all video cameras are just push a button to record but, there are so many settings that I’ll never understand or even want to use.  All I need is a compact, point and shoot video camera, with easy to sync software.  We just got the Vivitar DVR 510n for review and I could not be happier.  And to top it off, the included case allows it to shoot underwater up to 15 feet.

Lets start with the basics.  Oh, wait… everything about this camera is basic.  Just place the 4 triple A batteries in and turn it on.  Holding the camera as seen the pic, just push the center button to start recording.  That’s it.  Now, you can do a little more then than if so desired.  There is digital zoom, night vision and auto focus options you can play with.  Digital zoom is useless in my option but, the option is included.  Night vision is kinda cool but, I don’t need any videos that look like the Paris Hilton sex tape.  Auto focus is something required and I don’t seen the need to mess with this option.

These options are a snap to turn on and off via the short and sweet menu system.  Just scroll though using the four outside circle like buttons, kinda like an iPod but, with buttons.  The camera comes with a 2gb SD card, so there is plenty of room for the 30fps of video.  The 1.8 inch, LCD screen also gives you real time action as it’s recording.

Ok, lets take some video.  I played with it inside for a little but, I thought I’d really put it to the test and send it outside with the kids.  It just so happens there was a blizzard the day I sent them out with it so, I put on the waterproof case to be safe.  They had a blast with it and they caught some video with my 3 year old going down on the snowboard for the first time ever.  They dropped it the snow a few times but, everything was fine with the case on.

Now that we took some video, lets get it to the web.  This camera is not Mac compatible so, a Mircosoft Windows product is required.  We mostly use Mac’s at our house but, my husband was nice enough to install VMware so we can use windows as well.  All you have to do is slide the slider that’s on the front of the camera to reveal the USB plug.  Plug it in and Windows should see it as a drive in seconds.  Software is right on the device so, you can install if you wish.  I just cut and pasted the videos over to the Mac for us in iMovie.  A little touch up in iMovie and up to facebook it went (video below).

That’s it.  It’s that easy.  Obviously this is a simplistic, low end video camera and the video quality doesn’t compete with the high end cams from Sony or Canon.  But, this is all I wanted and there is a huge market for simple, point and shoot, easy transfer video cameras.  If I had to knock for one more issue, it would be the battery life.  It does eat up batteries fast, so invest in some good rechargeable batteries.  If you don’t want to share the video on the web, it also includes cables to hook the device right to the TV for instant big screen action.  At the price point of around $50, you really can’t go wrong.

Vivitar dvr 510n

Techy Info:Vivitar dvr 510n in use

  • Camcorder Features: Expandable Flash Memory, Built-In USB Arm, One Touch Video and Audio Recording, Simple Button Layout, Night Vision, Built-In LED Light, Built-In Speaker, Auto Focus
  • Digital Zoom: 8.0 X
  • Built-In Memory Storage Capacity: 2GB
  • Media Card Compatibility: Secure Digital (SD) Card
  • Operational Modes: Auto Focus, Normal, Power Save Mode, Night Mode
  • Movie Modes: Night
  • Camcorder Recording Speeds: Up to 30 fps
  • Vertical Resolution: 480i
  • Display Size: 1.8 “
  • Display Technology: LCD
  • Electronic Display Features: Color TFT LCD Screen, VGA Resolution, Battery Level Indicator
  • Input Type: USB 2.0
  • Output Type: TV Out
  • Wired Connectivity: USB
  • Includes: Wrist Strap, Audio/Video (AV) Cable
  • Software Included: Vivitar Experience
  • Required, Not Included: Batteries
  • Manufacturer Suggested Age: 5 Years and Up
  • Dimensions: Length: 4.5 “; Width: 2.25 “; Depth: 0.75 “
  • Product Weight: 0.8 Lb.
  • Warranty Description: 1 Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty

One Response to “Review: Vivitar dvr 510n”
  1. Bill Johnson says:

    i love to film things, make movies, and photograph a lot. My old camera was on its last leg, and i just wanted to have something cheap and could hold a good about of footage and or photos. It is simple enough but, the video quality is very poor and audio is horribly screechy and sometimes I hear nothing. The colors are always poor, i filmed a friend of mine wearing black and when we came back to seeing him on the replay, he was pink… I do not recommend this camera personally, but i guess better lighting could help. The night vision is also not my thing, but i suppose is a nice feature.

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