Among new features which I think are cool: Video Calling, File downloading, and Handwriting recognition.

It’s already been speculating that the iPhone OS 3.2 in iPad has support of using a camera, and now, video calling support has just been confirmed to be there as well.

Based on what’s being reported, there’s an option to run the video call in either full screen mode or a small windows allowing you to do other stuff at the same time. More importantly, this means the new firmware also now comes with some degree of multitasking which has sorely been missing in previous iterations. Other confirmed features in iPhone OS 3.2 are file downloading, local storage support within the browser, and the beginnings of SMS support. For iPhone users out there, you’ll be happy to know that the new homescreen landscape orientation and keyboard looks to be headed for the iPhone in the near future.

iPhone jailbreaker chpwn was also able to run ProSwitcher and Backgrounder on the iPad which will definitely come in handy if and when an iPad jailbreak does get released.

iPhone jailbreak developer Ryan Petrich, for his part, discovered that the new iPhone firmware also comes with a spell checker, handwriting recognition, a variety of dictionaries, and support for external displays. Of course, all these mean nothing if it doesn’t get released to the public, but it does serve as a pretty good tease at what could eventually be the future of the iPad and iPhone.

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