The ITG xpPhone was the first to offer Windows XP on a mobile smart phone. However, Viewsonic is now a challenger with their own Windows-capable VPCo8 phone.

This MID/phone boasts of a 2-inch display, 512MB RAM, 8GB SSD, WiFi, EV-Do connectivity, and an Intel Atom Z500 processor running at the very heart of it.

Flip it open and you get treated to a QWERTY keypad. Shut it closed and the backside of the display features the traditional alphanumeric keypad so that you can use it as a phone. It’s actually reminiscent of the form factor first made popular by the Nokia Communicator series. Unfortunately, unlike the ITG xpPhone and Nokia phones, the phone and computer function on the Viewsonic VPCo8 doesn’t exactly work as one. So basically, it’s just two separate products built into one device.

It’s headed for China and will be selling for 4800 Yuan (roughly $705 in USD). Aesthetics definitely isn’t one of its strongest suites, but if you’re after a portable Windows XP device, then this new Viewsonic phone/MID might just be what you’re looking for.

Via – enGadget

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