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I’ve been given the arduous task of evaluating the Philips Sensual Massager for him and her. Life is so difficult, especially when burdened with the responsibility of having to do research to evaluate a sex toy…sigh. Okay, okay, all joking aside this assignment was mostly all play which was a treat. However, there was still some business to tend to…here are my discovery notes on the product.

Pieces. 5 items come in the package, two massagers (one for him and one for her), a charging case, the power adapter and the manual. The product is only available in Europe so it comes with a 220V plug head however, with a standard travel adapter, I was able to easily charge the unit. A side note, the product manual is easy to read, very informative and brief.

Setup. Right out of the box, you simply connect the charger to the base and leave it for about 4 hours to fully charge. A small light gently fades in and out to indicate charging – a nice subtle feature for this stylish bedroom gear. The two massagers fit into uniquely molded areas of the charging unit so there’s no mistaking which massager goes where.

Design. The product is packaged in a deep purple clamshell (the charging unit) that’s more smooth and aerodynamic similar to a flying saucer than an ocean dweller. The massagers are designed specifically to glide along the contours of each sex’s erogenous zones – and that they do (more on this in next section, Performance). Considerable thought has been given to the design of the charging unit as well as the massagers because nothing about the product looks kinky or mindful of a sex toy. You can leave the entire unit (or either massager by itself) on a coffee table and it looks like an art piece to the unsuspecting eye. This is definitely a plus for couples with kids in the house because the discovery of the unit will not require an uncomfortable explanation in response to the inevitable “What’s this Mommy?” The overall design is very futuristic and classy. You’ll have a time trying to figure out how the massagers charge as they loosely fit into their respective molded areas without the need to clip into anything.


Performance. The massagers can hold charge for up to 5 hours of operating time. My lady and I didn’t have the luxury of playing around for 5 hours but we had the units running on vibrate for at least an hour and a half and the intensity of the vibration didn’t falter…it remained steady. And 3 days after just sitting in the case, the massagers are still going strong. If you turn on the unit and lay it on the body, the vibration will help to effortlessly glide the unit across the skin with minimal and even sometimes without assistance. The massagers are made from a plastic that’s very smooth and not cold to the touch so initial contact is not jarring. And, after using a unit non-stop for 45 minutes, there was no noticeable heat coming from it so I think it’s safe to say there’s no danger of skin irritation due to overheating – this is a top quality product.

Functionality. The massagers are easy to hold and guide with one hand but a bit tricky to change any of the settings with one hand (3 buttons operate each unit). With the lights out, it’s difficult to locate the control buttons to adjust intensity (plus/minus) and vibration mode (4 choices: Glow, Wave, Heartbeat, and Thrill). The units can be used with silicone or water-based lube, and you can even take them in the shower or bath seeing as they are waterproof.

Rating. Overall the massagers can add a lot of fun to an intimate encounter but they are really just tools to compliment the rest of your interactions. It’s a great addition to foreplay activity and if your hit the right spots you may end up with a very short fuse(in a good way!). I’d recommend giving the Philips Sensual Massagers for him and her a try.

For more product information visit Philips Sensual Massagers

The Philips Sensual Massager product line can be purchased here: Philips Sensual Massager

13 Responses to “Philips Sensual Massager for Him and Her (Product Review)”
  1. Shawn says:

    My wife needs this asap! Well, maybe me? either way, send one my way… please!

    Eagleville PA

  2. Kirk says:

    I am excited and can’t wait to try this out!!
    Reading, PA.

  3. Holly says:

    This really looks like a great product. Great review as well! Win or lose, I want one…

  4. I think its relaxing! any great product review.

  5. Retta Horal says:

    Good posting, I bookmarked your blog so I can visit again in the future, Cheers

  6. LuckyMe says:

    If this works I will be back in business 🙂

  7. Zachi Gigi says:

    Nice!!! Please send me one!!!

    GOOD LUCK everyone!

  8. Raj Agarwal says:

    looks like an interesting 😉 device.

  9. Jeff says:

    Count me in. Looks like a great product.

  10. Mohamed khadr says:

    i am sure this idea work how we can get 500pcs for my health care shop

  11. Erin Walsh says:

    I love that they can be taken into the shower. Thanks for the chance!


  12. jairus says:

    Don’t need this now but great to have it around for a rainy day. 🙂

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