Continuously stirring sauce over the stove can really suck sometimes. It’s tedious and time consuming. That’s why I found the Autonomous Saucier pretty neat. It automatically stirs sauces, leaving you free to prep other parts of the meal, or go do laundry or something.

The unit actually stands inside a pot or bowl in a sauce on three stainless steel legs with silicone rubber feet. It then autonomously spins and revolves around the pan, mixing ingredients while you sit back and relax. There’s a spatula on one of the feet that rests flush against the bottom of the pan. It helps to mix bits of food that would otherwise stick and burn to the pot.

The Saucier is battery-powered and can be used in sauces up to 4″ deep. It comes with 3 speed settings to accommodate everything from light au jus sauces, right up to thick gravies. The silicone feet can be used in non-stick cookware and are heat resistant up to 572º F.

The Autonomous Saucier.

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