Would you love your own garden but live in a condo or a cold climate? How about this for a solution? Grow your own exotic plants! This Fascinations Botanicals Exotic Jungle is literally a miniature greenhouse habitat. Included are Carnivorous Venus Fly Trap*, Mimosa, and Mixed Coleus seeds! If you’ve ever wondered how plants grow, this is the perfect way to learn. You’ll get everything you need in order to get your mini greenhouse up and running including a shovel, greenhouse cover, tray, and growing medium. Most importantly you’ll get an instruction and educational activity poster! Order yourself a Fascinations Botanicals Exotic Jungle today!


  • Fascinations Botanicals Exotic Jungle Mini Greenhouse Habitat General Features
  • Grow your own Venus Fly Traps, touch sensitive, and other rare, interactive plants
  • Mini Greenhouse Habitat Seed Planting Tray Shovel Dehydrated Coconut Soil Substrate
  • Instruction Educational Activity poster Approximately five (5) Carnivorous Venus Fly Trap seeds
  • Approximately twenty (20) Mimosa touch sensitive plant seeds

Find yours here: Fascinations Botanicals Exotic Jungle Greenhouse Habitat Kit – All You Need to Grow Your Very Own Exotic Plants!

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