I think this mini tool is such a great concept! It’s useful for DIYers but works nicely for other basic tasks. Introducing the I-Sight light, a bright LED light that fits snugly over the ear to provide hands free illumination right where you need it. Worn like a mobile phone earpiece, the light follows every move of your head. The super bright LED light helps eliminate eyestrain by providing directional light right along your sight line. LED lights provide bright and soothing light. The bulbs burn longer than conventional light bulbs while using a fraction of the energy. The I Sight light is bright enough to read a newspaper in the dark from 12 inches away!


  • Hands free light
  • Super bright LED lights
  • Fits snuggly over ear
  • Prevents eye strain
  • Batteries included

Find yours here: Angel Sales I Sight Mini Task Light ($13.62)

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