The Modus 1 Dual Output LED Flashlight is one of a series of flashlights manufactured by ICON. Its unique design creates a look that sets it apart from other flashlights. However, don’t let good looks fool you into thinking this is only a novelty product because it’s actually very functional too.

The Modus 1 is 4 inches long and comes in an off-white colour with light gray trim. It requires one AA alkaline battery for operation. The light output offers 50 lumen on high setting and 6 lumen on low. On high the run-time is 3 hours, and 70 hours on low. The lens provides a very focused beam at either output level. This product really produces great lighting!

I liked the Modus 1 from the moment I saw it simply because of the beautifully engineered product body. However Modus 1 is more than just a pretty face. The cylindrical design is surrounded by a cage which I suppose can be referred to as a “roll cage”. The cage prevents the product from rolling off a table if it’s left on its side or from rolling too far if it’s dropped. The body of the unit is made from a rugged polymer that is durable enough to sustain a fall from at least 3 feet in the event that it is dropped. Although, I doubt slippage would be a regular occurrence because it fits so securely in your palm. The snug fit can be attributed to the product’s thickness which is sizable enough to get a good handle and its open style architecture offers lots of grip space.

The unit turns on and off by pushing a button at the base of the unit which is conveniently situated to allow single-handed operation. You can move between the two settings (High and Low) by pressing the same button, it’s so easy. If you push down the button all the way a click lets you know the unit light will remain on permanently until you press it again to turn it off. For temporary lighting, you can press the button halfway for the light to come on, but as soon as you remove your finger the light will go off – this is a handy feature in the event you’re looking for a quick shot of light. I find that the low lumen setting is great if the lights are out and you need to find something in a room you’re sharing with someone, the low setting will prevent you from disturbing your roommate.

The Modus 1 is sealed with O-rings making it weatherproof, so using it in the rain isn’t a problem. The product also comes with a 1 year warranty. I really like the Modus 1 by Icon. Whether using the Modus 1 during a sleep over or on your next camping trip, you’ll surely enjoy owning one.

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  1. HFG Admin says:

    Fine review. While the Modus 1 by ICON maybe a Dual Output LED Flashlight” you may want to consider the use of rechargeable batteries as the more powerful beam may be a drain on your power supply.

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