Prepare your pet for the space age as this odor grabber looks like a spaceship! Turn it on, odor’s gone! The Odor Grabber Air-Cleaning Litter Box from Bionaire automatically removes embarrassing and unwanted litter box odors. It continuously eliminates odors in the litter box while sending fresh, odor-free air into the room. A built-in electronic air purifier with advanced filtration quietly circulates the air without disturbing the cat. A pre-filter also removes harmful litter dust, dander and fur flowing through the filter.


  • Automatically removes embarrassing and unwanted odors
  • Built-in electronic air purifier quietly circulates air without disturbing your cat
  • Does not emit ozone-producing ions
  • Use with any style of litter
  • Includes 12-foot power cord and 2 sets of filters

Bionaire Odor Grabber Litter Box

One Response to “Bionaire Odor Grabber Litter Box”
  1. Pat says:

    This is about the best odor illimating cat box on the market, I have 3 male cats and it removes the odors from the urine totally plus it is very easy to clean. It is best to use dust free cat litter to prolong the fan life and clean the filter regularly.

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