Summer is almost here. You better get your body into shape if you’re planning on doing any beach visits during the warm weather. You’ve been warned! Add to your roster of exercises some pushups, and if done properly can work wonders on your body. Efficiently strengthen and tone your upper body and core muscles with this pair of Harbinger padded-handle push-up bars. The delta-shaped bars sit flat against the floor as you perform push-ups, creating a stable training platform and evenly distributing the weight between your hands. Handle push-ups are especially ideal for people who want to strengthen their core, as they make it very hard to “cheat” by compensating with other muscle groups. Specific details include a polyethylene construction, padded foam grips, and nonskid rubber pads for traction during use. Also great for reverse push-ups, each handle push-up bar can support up to 350 pounds of load weight.


  • Padded-handle push-up bars for strengthening and toning upper body
  • Delta-shaped base sits flat against floor to create stable training platform
  • Evenly distributes weight between hands while efficiently working core
  • Polyethylene construction; padded foam grips for maximum comfort
  • Nonskid rubber pads for traction; each bar supports up to 350 pounds

Find yours here: Harbinger 373500 Padded Handle Push-Up Bars

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