Big sound in a little package. Portable, slick, and sound blasting. XMI the inventors of the Capsule Speaker genre herald the arrival of their latest musical innovation. X-Mini TM Max II Speakers. This highly sought-after next generation of the insanely popular X-Mini TM Max Speaker features many reinvigorated features. From the moment you look at this player you know it is something special. With improvements in all areas the X-Mini Max II retains and expands upon the hallmark of Minimum size. Maximum sound. Defying the conventional notion that size does matter the X-MiniTM Max II is a moveable feast of sounds. With its brand new sleek matte design incorporating two separate speakers in a clever pop together magnetic pod the X-Mini Max II is also available in three new colors. So no matter what your style when you pull these speakers out you will always match! Sound Developed in Singapore the X-MiniTM Max II is expertly designed to be ultraportable and precisely engineered to deliver a superior sound. These stylish speakers which can also be used individually pop open to reveal the patented accordion-like Bass Xpansion SystemTM (BXSTM) which successfully mimics the resonance of a sub woofer. Its new 40 mm driver expanded BXSTM extended playback time and modular “Buddy-Jack” design enables it to effectively generate high-quality beautifully dynamic sound – be it the rich timbres of a soprano or the pulsating electronic beats of the latest dance track. Battery expense is of no concern. The X-Mini Max II has a short 2 hour charge time and a whopping 12 hours playback on a single charge by now you will see that this really is the ultimate portable sound solution! “Buddy Jack” What is that? It is a simple way of connecting multiple units together and multiplying the sound!


  • Unbelievable sound quality and volume
  • Connect many together for enormous sound
  • Compact folding design
  • USB charging
  • Bass Xpansion SystemTM

Find yours here: X-Mini MAX II Capsule Speakers Colour BLACK

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