If you’re in the market for a new flashlight, consider a Rogue 1 or Rogue 2. Each sold separately. Not only are these flashlights functional, they are also beautiful to look at.

Technical specifications for the Rogue 1 and Rogue 2 follow respectively:
Light output (high/low): 50/6 lumens | 100/10 lumens
Run-time (on high/on low): 3/70 hrs | 3/72 hrs
Length: 4.5 inches | 6.5 inches
Weight: 3.8 oz | 5.8 oz
Waterproof: up to 1 meter for 30 minutes
Battery: 1 AA | 2 AA
Warranty: 1 year

The Rogues come in an array of colours including black, lime green and gun steel gray. However, it’s not only the colour that captures you visually, it’s the design. The aluminum body shaft maintains a look that includes open cavities that help in releasing heat which keeps the shaft cool during operation. The look of the Rogue is really unique which makes this a tool that you won’t need to keep hidden in a drawer. You can actually leave it on your mantel or bookcase as a show piece. The added benefit of not having to hide it, is that it’s easily accessible when needed. No more rummaging through a drawer during a power outage to find your flashlight.

The body is virtually indestructible; you don’t need to be shy about dropping it. And if that’s not enough, the products are backed by a one year warranty. The Rogue includes a microprocessor to regulate the LED to maximize output and run-time and the manufacturer boasts that the LED will never need replacing – that’s great to know! I’ve owned other flashlights that have required me to replace a bulb every couple of years.

Either Rogue is waterproof (not just water resistant) so not only can you submerge it up to 1 meter but if you’re camping in the rain you don’t need to worry. The waterproof feature is really a great bonus. Imagine you’re canoeing and your bag with the flashlight falls into the water – it’ll still work once you recover it.

Functional features include an ergonomic “clickie switch” at the base of the shaft which turns the unit on, off, and switches between outputs. The switch is very easy to use and either unit can be operated with one hand. The Rogue’s shaft is thick enough that you can easily hold the unit without the fear of it slipping out of your hand. A lot of comparable flashlights are usually quite slim – not much thicker than the battery that fits into it.

A strap is included with each Rogue which comes in two detachable parts so it can be worn around your neck yet still allows for easy separation in order to use or share your Rogue.

The biggest plus with the Rogues is that they produce an incredibly bright light. On the high setting, a Rogue can really light up a room. You have to experience the light brightness that each Rogue delivers to appreciate this. The Rogue 1 and Rogue 2 retail for approximately US$38 & US$45 respectively.

To purchase a Rogue 1 click here: Icon Flashlight Rogue 1

To purchase a Rogue 2 click here: Icon Flashlight Rogue 2

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