Computer data is one of our most valued possessions but we never think about it until it’s lost. The best practice is to plan for the worst to ensure you are never at a loss. The 3.5 industry standard form factor internal disk drive is the only drive engineered to withstand fires at up to 1,400 degrees F and survive full immersion in water. The Squadron series uses the patented FloSafe air flow vent technology that allows cooling air to pass during normal operations and automatically closes when triggered by destructives temperatures, protecting your data. Insulation is provided by proprietary DataCast endothermic insulation. Additional heat protection is provided by the patent -pending MirrorGuard reflective technology that reflects over 98% of radiant heat. Water protection is provided by the patented HydroSafe water barrier which has the ability to keep water out while letting operational heat to dissipate. The Squadron series of drives are compatible with servers, desktops, storage arrays or external hard drive enclosure kits and works with Windows, Linux and Macintosh systems. Supports the SATA 3.0Gb/s interface. Disk specification includes 7200 rpm rotational speed, 16 MB buffer size, 5.5 ms average latency, 12.0 ms read seek time and 2.0 ms average track-to-track seek time. Power consumption is 3.5W with the standard 5V DC input. Upon product registration, the Disaster Recovery Service provides peace of mind know professionals are available 24/7/365 ready to assist should disaster strike. Protect what is important to you with the only out-of-the-box disaster protection plan!


  • Disaster Proof Storage protects data against fire flood and more
  • Secure onsite backup solution
  • Most affordable Disaster Recovery Plan
  • Disaster Recovery Service for rapid and easy post disaster recovery. Includes $2500 worth of third party recovery service if required
  • 3 1/2 inch form factor, easily integrates where standard hard drives are used

Find yours here: ioSafe S0200GB72SATA Squadron 200GB Internal Disaster Protected Hard Drive (Silver)

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