Designed to be used with Wii Fit. This workout-enhancing bundle includes both a Wii Remote holster and a convenient heart-rate monitor for use while you work up a sweat performing your fitness routine. Keep your Wii Remote safe and close to hand and easily track your heart rate while you burn calories. The handheld heart rate monitor features an LCD screen that displays your pulse between 30 and 200 beats per minute, allowing you to track the intensity of your workout.


  • Designed for use with Wii Fit (not included)
  • Includes a heart-rate monitor and Wii Remote holster
  • Heavy-duty clip keeps the holster firmly attached while you work out, and elastic mesh holds the Wii Remote snugly in place
  • Customized design permits easy access to Wii Remote buttons while it’s in the holster
  • Heart monitor’s easy-to-read LCD screen is capable of displaying a pulse range between 30 and 200 beats per minute
  • Shuts off automatically after three minutes of inactivity to preserve energy

Pulse Pak For Wii Fit with Heart Rate Monitor and Remote Holster

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