Orliv’s Wireless Mini Multimedia Keyboard with Touchpad provides the flexibility to be several feet away from your machine but still maintain full control. This gadget is great for presentations or causual view of internet content. The wireless input set acts as a portable mini-sized keyboard and keypad that can be easily carried around. The wireless keyboard is best suited for interactive presentations, discussions, meetings, lectures and talks. The Orliv Wireless Keyboard is a unique and capable tool for people who need to be apart from their Personal Computer yet must control it for presentations, lecturing, teaching or casual viewing of Internet content. The 2.4GHz DSSS radio transreceiver allows for operation from a distance of up to 10 metres.


  • Wireless remote control of your PC up to 33ft. (10m),USB Dongle included to attach to your PC (Plug and Play, No software to install)
  • Enhanced Internet TV viewing with Remote Control “Just like your TV remote control”
  • Adds a professional lecturing and teaching tool to presentations
  • Small compact design fits in the palm of your hand,QWERTY layout keypad
  • Large touch pad for mouse operation and handwriting (2″x 2-1/8″), Rechargeable via your USB port (No batteries needed)

Find yours here: 2.4Ghz Wireless Mini Multimedia Keyboard With Touchpad For Windows and Mac

3 Responses to “2.4Ghz Wireless Mini Multimedia Keyboard With Touchpad”
  1. Hank says:

    Does th 2.4GHz Wireless Mini Keyboard with Touchpad
    by Orliv work withan ipad or iphone?

  2. Scooter says:


    Since this works via USB… no, it won’t work with an iPad or iPhone.


    GadgetGrid Team

  3. Joe says:

    Wondering if these can be used side by side without interference….

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