The AAXA L1 Laser Pico Projector is a first, this pico projector is laser powered with an internal media player and storage. Imagery produced is delivered with amazing colour saturation and sharp focus. Created for mobile professionals. The focus-free operation allows for rapid changes in projection size, simultaneous far and near surface projection, angled projection, and projection on curved and other non-flat surfaces. Great for producing rich images in less-than-dark surroundings. In a dark environment, this gadget can produce rich colour images up to 50 feet away. Battery life is rated at 90 minutes. The included AC adapter allows for unlimited run time.


  • AAXA L1 Pico Laser Projector for iPod, iPhone, and other portable devices
  • Black body
  • Built-in 1W speaker
  • Supports composite, VGA inputs
  • Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and PDF reader
  • USB port capable of reading files directly off a standard USB thumb drive (included)

Find yours here: Aaxa Laser 1 Pico Projector. First Laser Projector

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