Mattel’s Matchbox Rocky the Robot Truck is much more than a dump truck and a robot. It’s totally interactive as it can move on it’s own and speaks over 100 phrases. You can manually work Rocky or have Rocky help you out. Designed for children 3 years and older. Primary control is done via the smoke stack on the front of the truck. Tilting the lever back gets Rocky to stand on his back four wheels. Dump mode is the automatic setting, but pressing the red button on top of the smokestack several times will switch it to dancing mode – Rocky will shake his upper truck body to music. Pushing the lever forward returns Rocky to a normal truck position. Boys and girls too will love the interactive experience Rocky provides.


  • Now boys can interact with their new best friend
  • The interactive dump truck
  • He speaks over 100 phrases talking and interacting with kids and even tells jokes
  • Rocky goes to sleep and guess what, he even snores
  • Finalists for 10th Annual Toy of the Year (TOTY) Awards

Find yours here: Matchbox Rocky the Robot Truck – Deluxe Rocky

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