Here comes the age of the interactive music experience. Beamz C4 Interactive Musical Instrument is an innovative gadget that allows anyone at any age to create and play music, by interrupting the path of each laser beam. You can play music like never before. It’s all setup to ensure the sound is right, so you’ll always sound good no matter how you touch the laser beams. The Beamz music system contains a song library of top hits and all kinds of musical styles and genres (rock, pop, jazz, hip hip, classical, club, etc). Each song contains a background rhythm paired with up to 12 different instruments, music clips and sound effects. You can control your Beamz using a USB connection to your computer. You can also visit the Beamz online community to download games as well. Beams will make anyone a Mozart 🙂


  • Explore and play diverse musical styles – fun for all ages
  • 50 top hit “jam” and original Beamz songs, including 5 popular music videos
  • No need to read music- simply connect to USB port, install the software, and you’re ready to go
  • Record Button to capture and share your performances
  • Keyboard mapping program for gaming

Find yours here: Beamz C4 Interactive Music System

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