Appearing at CES 2011 was Dynamic Inc’s “dynamic” credit cards. They showed off two versions of their computerized credit cards that are truly dynamic because the card information is managed on the fly depending on instructions you deliver directly on the card. The “MultiAccount” card allows you to carry two separate credit card numbers on one card, with the push on a button embedded on the card the magnetic strip on the back of the card will be assigned the correct number. The “Hidden” card will not display all the digits of the credit card number until you enter a pass code, and again this is done directly onto the card – lose your card and you don’t have to worry about your number being exposed. The cards are not only as thin as a conventional card, they’re waterproof, and flexible. This technology is truly amazing! What’s even better is this will reduce the number of cards that you have to carry in your

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wallet – a big pet peeve of mine. I hate a thick wallet (unless it’s filled with cash)!

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