This All-terain Skateboard will take you over sand, grass, gravel and dirt. The large knobby tires eat up almost any surface to ensure you keep moving forward. You can travel at speeds up to 19 mph. The board is powered by a 36-volt battery and the 800-watt motor will provide enough juice to propel riders up to 330 lbs over flat or hilly

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routes. The flexible trucks will support turns while the speed is controlled with a handheld wireless remote. The remote uses digital proportional technology; pulling the trigger accelerates while a forward push engages the electronic brake for controlled stops–the engine cuts off when a rider steps off the board. The motor can also be disengaged for un-powered coasting. The gadget weighs 65lbs with a board deck of 10 1/4″. The rechargeable battery provides a range of 10 miles from a 4 hour charge using the included AC adapter. Speed can be limited to 10, 15 or 19 mph. Helmet and protective gear should be worn at all times.

Find yours here:
The All Terrain Electric Skateboard

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