If you’re a serious griller then time of day is of little concern. Grilling can mean anytime of day, with our without light. With minimal light you usually just grab your flash light to help with the cooking. The problem is that when you hold a light, you loose one of your hands. The Weber Grill Out Handle Light simplifies your life. There are 3 LED lights that help to illuminate the grill. The light toggles between on and off automatically; when the grill cover is opened light comes on, when closed, light goes off. Simple but effective!


  • Grill handle light for barbecuing at night from Weber
  • Turns on and off manually or with tilt sensor activation
  • LED bulbs illuminate for up to 10,000 hours; 3 separately purchased AAA batteries power for up to 20 hours
  • Resists heat and moisture damage with glass-reinforced nylon construction
  • Mounting hardware provided; light accommodates circular and round handle styles only

Find yours here: Weber Grill Out Handle Light

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