Flies are a major nuissance! They hover around your food and often land on it. Knowing that flies also spend a lot of time around animal doo doo, you don’t really want thoses same feet that were just on some dung to end up on your plate of food. Get rid of these pests with the Flies Be Gone Fly Trap which can kill up to 20,000 flies per bag. This gadget has worked successfully in livestock corrals and restaurant trash areas. Just pour the bait in the bag and add water – the bait will remain active for 30 days. Flies easily get in but never find their way out. This product as been working in 27 countries world wide for over 25 years. And the best part is it’s a non-toxic solution.


  • NO toxins, NO poisons, NO insecticides
  • Catches up to 20,000 flies in each trap
  • Maintenance free and completely disposable
  • Highly effective even on fruit flies

Find yours here: Flies Be Gone Fly Trap Kills Up To 20000 Flies Per Bag

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