You gotta have a set of balls to play golf…because you never know when you’ll lose one. Store your pair in the Mysack Golf Ball Storage Sack. Even if it’s not your day on the green, you’ll still be able to share a few good laughs along the way. Comes with two balls, just as you might suspect, and a carabiner-style clip that attaches to your golf bag for easy access. A great gift for your golfing buddies, it’ll surely deliver a good chuckle.


  • This unique ultra suede patented sack is guaranteed to bring a smile to everyone’s face
  • Its functional design holds golf balls, beer pong balls, bullets, poker chips, etc.
  • Great gift for the man who has everything!
  • Comes with two golf balls

Find yours here: MySack Golf Ball Storage Sack

One Response to “Mysack Golf Ball Storage Sack”
  1. Choosing the right golf balls for the game is more important, because it sometimes becomes the main reason of wining or losing the game.

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