WOW WEE Bladestar Flame Indoor Flyer. FlyTech Bladestar is a revolutionary indoor flying machine from Wowwee. Let this technologtical masterpiece glide itself through the air using built in sensor detection to avoid obstacles and fly away from them, in easy to use Autonomous Mode, you can use just your hands to guide it. For a greater challenge select Pilot Mode to fully control Bladestar using the 3 channel digital IR controller, and even fly into obstacles as you please. Take advantage of the dual band IR system to face off two Bladestars in duel the fire button on the remote controller allows you take down another Bladestar when in range. Made from light high flex materials and designed to be crash resistant, Flytech Bladestar is built for indoor use. When it starts to lose speed, simply charge it via the remote controller until it is ready for its next flight.

WowWee Bladestar Flame Indoor Flyer

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