VoIP phone service is one of the most competitive niches in the technology industry. Each day a new name pops up and the consumers get even more confused as to which service is better than the other one. I am using VoIP for many years and have experienced many ups and downs during the process. This comparison compares two of the heavy weights of VoIP industry called Axvoice and Ooma. Both of these phone services will be compared against the different quality characteristics that are counted as important in a good VoIP phone service.

Initial investment or upfront cost

Upfront cost is an issue which needs to be discussed before getting into any other discussion. Over the years I have seen so many VoIP providers and used dozens of services. I hardly see any good service that bounds its subscribers to use the phone service in this way. One other unimpressive way of doing that is by binding the VoIP subscribers into a contract which subscribers have to abide by. Ooma has found a smart way around it by offering a new way of achieving the same thing. For having Ooma as your VoIP service, you will need to pay a heavy upfront cost to them. Pay either $249.99 or $299.98 upfront to use their service. This just does not suit well to my consumer conscious mentality as I think it as an unfair means of restricting yourself to one service only. What if I want to opt out of this service earlier than a year? Is there any way to do it? No, there isn’t. Axvoice is much better in this regard as it does not force you to remain with it.

Setup and configuration

Configuring and setting up a VoIP phone may seem a kids thing to some people but after going through the experience of using so many different types of services, I found it the hard way that there are some services which are not easy to install. However, when I was installing Ooma or Axvoice, I did not find any kind of trouble installing them. All I can say is they both are easy to install and configure.

Call quality

Call quality is something that every intelligent phone user should be conscious about. There shouldn’t be any change in quality of calls, no matter you are making national or international phone calls. I used both Ooma and Axvoice to make phone calls to national as well as international destinations and to my utmost surprise; they both sound almost the same. The quality was very fine and I hadn’t had any problems to report.

The features thing

Many newbie VoIP users still running after the features count forget that they need to know first, which features are more suitable for them. Each customer has its own needs and therefore, don’t fall for the big number, instead match your requirements with the service features available. When comparing Axvoice and Ooma with respect to features, Axvoice offers more advanced features to its customers despite of the fact that it is much lower in cost.


Setting all other things aside, I cannot subscribe to a phone service which uses coercive means (like contracts or upfront costs) to make me stick to its service. And even if I still think about using Ooma instead of Axvoice, I hardly found the features in it which are offered by Axvoice. Besides all this, I also have the flexibility to quit my phone service in case of Axvoice, which I can’t while using Ooma. I would therefore use Axvoice. For more information click here

4 Responses to “Axvoice VS Ooma – What to make out of it?”
  1. Anthony Garca says:

    I don’t think anyone can charge his clients money at its own. There is a tough competition going on in the market. Most of the people are trying to keep their prices as low as possible to survive in the market. So all they are charging is quite reasonable for me.

  2. Ben Tousley says:

    I agree with Anthony. There is a tough competition in the VoIP market right now. There are so many providers trying to capture the evergrowing market of VoIP. This is why, I would say VoIP service providers are trying to charge as little as possible. Any provider with extra prices will be wiped out of market.

  3. David Hardy says:

    No doubt every provider is trying to keep its prices low because of the fierce competition but the fact is that some providers are offering very good hardware and some of them are not offering that high cost hardware. This is why start up cost varies with every internet phone service provider.

  4. Frank says:

    I don’t know? I’m sticking with skype even though MS owns it.

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