Amazon recently announced an unprecedented deal on all of its eReader devices. For the first time ever its line of Kindles will be priced according to ability, features, and date of release. For literary enthusiasts, librarians, and teachers all over the world, this is a special occasion because the introduction of new technology is sure to light a fire under people’s eagerness to read.

Amazon is looking to compete with the major brands who have their products in retail stores where users can purchase mobile contracts with free phones included. While Amazon has no way to offer a contract communications plan, they do have a subscription book service which might be able to draw some attention to education administrators and college professors. Here is a product rundown of the latest Amazon has to offer:

Kindle Fire

The new Kindle Fire tablet will run on an Android platform, similar to Samsung, Motorola, and HTC phones, with a 7-inch touchscreen. The tablet’s release might have been premature though. The device lacks features found on HTC tablets that might be a crucial reason for some people’s purchasing decision.

The crucial features missing are 3G access, camera, and a microphone. Amazon is hoping people will purchase the device because of Amazon’s literary brand positioning and the relatively affordable $199 price tag.

Along with the new hardware innovations, Amazon has revealed its own browser for the tablet called Silk. According to Amazon, the Silk browser will incorporate the massive cloud network of the company with the local capabilities of your own Fire device. This allows the user to get more information at a faster and more relevant rate than ever before.

Kindle 3G Touch and Wi-Fi Touch

The Kindle 3G Touch, $149, and the Wi-Fi Touch, $99, are still very useful tools for people who want to read ebooks. Users can easily download recommendations using Amazon’s online store and

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read them at their own convenience. One of the major advantages of staying with these devices instead of the new Kindle Fire is that the screen is still back-lit and makes reading easier in most conditions.

The Original Kindle

The original Amazon Kindle will now be available to purchase for only $79. If you are confused about tablet technology or just want a device that allows easier access to books on the go; this is the best decision. According to Mashable, Amazon has made the device lighter 30 percent lighter and 10 times faster than its predecessors.

Amazon still has a way to go before they are elite members of the tablet and smartphone device community. But it is clear that books might be going the way of CD’s and DVD’s in the near future.

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