HPI’s experience in off-road racing is vast and includes a 120-mile trip through the California-Nevada desert with a HPI Baja 5B. Based on their experience with such competitions, the HPI crew have developed a new 1/10 short-course race truck based on the E-Firestorm platform. By getting Maxxis Tires involved, HPI has designed a completely new tire for the Blitz based on the Maxxis Trepador Comp Off-Road Tire. Add in high-performance shocks, the pivoting skid-plates (adapted from the popular Baja 5T), an all-metal gear transmission, the Firebolt Motor, and the fun of a RTR truck – you end up with one kick a$$ Short Course RACER!


  • The Blitz features an all-new main chassis based on the E-Firestorm – lengthened to deliver the most stable feel a short-course truck can offer.
  • Factory installed quick-change 3-degree rear toe block provides you with plenty of traction, and making changes is easy.
  • A bulletproof, brushless ready, full-metal gear transmission comes stock in the truck, and is made to handle all the power you can throw at it.
  • E-clip-less captured hinge pins make maintenance quick and hassle free, and also keep the suspension extremely smooth and snug
  • A complete set of rubber sealed ball bearings are included for super smooth drivetrain operation

Buy it here: HPI Racing RTR 1/10 Blitz Short Course with Racer’s Edge Battery and Charger

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