I was initially concerned that the installation would be complicated. In my situation I had two wires running to my thermostat and I needed to run a 3rd to power the unit. Since the thermostat was on the other side of the wall I just ran some Bulk Thermostat Cable I purchased some at the local hardware store.

Or get it here:

Coleman Cable 09634 CL2 Bulk Thermostat Cable, 18-Gauge 5-Conductor 50-Feet

As you can see, Just make sure you run the following wires from the motherboard of the furnace:


To the following ports on the Thermostat


In my situation it was:

W on the furnace controller board  –> W on the Thermostat

R on the furnace controller board  –> RH on the Thermostat

C on the furnace controller board  –> C on the Thermostat

Pretty straightforward eh ?

Any problems or questions:

Here is a link to their very helpful forums:

I tried on several occasions to call their toll free number to confirm the wiring setup.. After jumping though all the prompts, it rang a couple of rings and then went to voicemail. I tried for several days leaving a ton of voicemails. ( I can be very tenacious). I finally got though to a tech. Bonus points that he was in the USA and was knowledgeable.

To this day all the voicemails I left were never returned. –So just keep dialing or read the forums !!


After I had it installed I was a little upset that there wasn’t any instructions on how to connect to the device. Somehow I missed the little sticker on the unit that told me to go to online and follow the videos and guides.

Here is the link just in case:

Once I had a quick peek at how they do things, it was less than a five minute process to get everything up and running.

YMMV depending on how tech savvy you are. Winking smile


  • Turn on the heat or Air on your way home.
  • On cold mornings or nights, I stay under the covers in bed and reach over for my trusty iPhone or iPad on my bedside table and turn up(or down) the heat. – Priceless !!
  • I installed some  in a couple of rental units I own. I can monitor and control the temperature of the apartments anywhere I happen to be.


  • I can’t connect directly to the thermostats via my local network. Only though their cloud.
  • Their cloud is down often or has connectivity issues from time to time.
  • The iPhone app can be a little buggy.
  • The web and iOS software is a little kludgy

Buy it here: Filtrete Wi-fi Touch Screen Programmable Thermostat

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