As you can see, I have a small rodent problem !

Here is what I have tried:

  • Glue sticky traps –They avoid stepping on them. Or somehow take the bait but don’t get stuck. Perhaps we have smarter Rats here in California.
  • Traditional Mouse traps – They also avoid them. Or somehow take the bait but don’t set off the trap. –Again smart Cali Rats
  • Poison – No interest. They would rather eat though my collection of Wired Magazine back issues.

The Victor Electronic Rat Trap is my new best friend

The manufacturers instructions suggest using peanut butter. I had zero success. I also tried bacon and cheese. No luck. Before giving up on this gadget,I threw some rice crackers

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and sprinkled a few pieces of uncooked rice inside and outside the trap to entice the varmints. The next morning, I was amazed to find not one but two dead rats crammed in to the trap. The next few days it was mountain of rodent death. On two occasions I had two rats in the same trap !

The following Pics illustrate the carnage this gadget can achieve over a 5 day period.



Bucket of rodents ready for the fryer and a little potato salad, – Um I mean trash.

Get it here: Victor M240 Electronic Rat Trap

One Response to “How to Build a Better Mouse Trap – Use High Voltage”
  1. Steve says:

    What types of rats are those? We have those, which our cats find and kill, but they don’t look like regular rats. They have shorter snouts.

    Can anyone tell me?


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