You have your phone in your hand most of the time so why not use it to control your TV. The Gear 4 UnityRemote Universal Remote Control for iPhone, iPod and iPad is a neat and tidy solution to turn your Apple mobile device into a convenient remote. The UnityRemote has a 360-degree range so place it anywhere in the room and it will find your infrared-ready device. To configure, just point your old remote to the device so it can be added to the database. You’ll need to download the free app for your iDevice in order to control the remote. You can customize actions to allow simultaneous control of multiple devices, i.e. turn on your TV, DVD and radio all with the touch of one button. Up to 8 different apple devices can be paired with one UnityRemote so several people can use their own mobile device as a remote. Requires 3 AA batteries.


  • Replace all your remote controls with your iPhone, with support for all devices using IR remotes
  • No need to plug a “dongle” into your iPhone; simply walk into the room and use
  • Create “actions” to control multiple devices simultaneously, such as turning on a whole system with one button
  • Learn feature for controlling devices not already in the large database
  • Easy setup–simply place the UnityRemote in your room, download the UnityApp, and follow the set-up assistant

Buy it here: Gear4 UnityRemote Universal Remote Control for iPod/iPhone/iPad

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