The ION Quick Play Flash Conversion Turntable makes your old LPs portable! If you’re like me and have a bunch of records stilling in some boxes or crates then this is the gadget for you. You can easily convert your records into digital wav files right to a USB stick. You can do this with or without a computer. However you’ll need to use the computer if you wish to convert the WAV files into MP3. The sweet feature on this gadget is the ability to convert uncompressed so all the detail available through your records is retained. And if you’re not comfortable with the conversion process there are software guides that provide easy to follow steps to help you through with modernizing your music library. Some of you may be saying…record? What’s that?? Well kids, it’s the flat plate like plasticky thingy that’s probably hanging out next to your parents walkman. The ION Conversion Turntable ncludes a feature that allows you to listen via headphone jack while music is being converted.


  • Convert LPs to. WAV without the need of a computer
  • Headphone output for quick, noise-free listening during transfers
  • Plays and converts 33 1/3, 45 and 78 RPM records
  • EZ Converter software guides through transfer steps
  • Plays and records. WAV files to a USB flash drive

Buy it here: ION IT28 Quick Play Flash Conversion Turntable with USB Flash Drive

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