If you’re not familiar with Ali Spagnola yet, I’d imagine that will change soon. She’s the mastermind behind the “Power Hour Drinking Game” which comes with a shot glass, 60 songs and a USB key. She’s been touring around playing her album and creating massive drinking game crowds. If you’re familiar with the “powerhour” concept you’ll enjoy this gadget. If you’re not familiar with the concept here’s a quick overview: 60 songs and 60 shots in a hour. Need a more detail explanation – check out Ali’s video.

The Power Hour Album

Ali’s not only cute but she’s smart, funny, a cheap date (self-confessed) and encourages you to drink. What more can you ask for in a woman? Purchase this gadget and it’s a win win – help Ali prove her family wrong and help her fight her worthy case against the guy who thinks he owns the term powerhour and wants to trademark it.

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