The Summer Infant Tiny Diner is not only award winning but this placemat gadget ensures a clean and safe eating surface for your infant no matter where you go. The patented design keeps germy surfaces away from kids while keeping food mess out of their laps. It has a built in scoop to catch drops, drips, and dribbles and there’s an outer rim on the mat to contain the wet messes. And when you’re ready to pack up, the mat rolls up into its own scoop that easily tucks into your bag for quick access. How cool is that?


  • The patented design protects children from germy surfaces while keeping spills off their laps
  • The built-in scoop catches the inevitable drips and dribbles, and the outer rim of the placemat contains wet messes
  • Tinydiner rolls away into its built in scoop, so it’s ready when you need it
  • Strong suction cups keep the tinydiner where you put it, kids eat directly off the mat, so no worries about plates ending up on the floor
  • At mealtime, it unrolls into a generous 12″x18″ eating and playing surface that stays securely in place

Buy it here: Summer Infant Tiny Diner, Blue

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