Want to double you iPad battery life? Want to add higher quality speakers to your iPad? Want your iPad to be impact resistant up to 6 feet? Oh… and you never have to plug in you iPad again? Yes, yes, yes and most certainly YES! Enter the SOLApad.  Not only does it do all of the above but, it looks nice at the same time and offers a stand so you can prop it vertically.

The SOLApad (from SOLAwerks) can charge your iPad using just about any light source so, it just continuously charges throughout the day. Sunlight works best but, even indoor lights will charge it. The surrounding case includes its own internal battery, a much better speaker system, while being strong enough to absorb most impacts. Only downside is the added pounds and bulk it will bring to an already heavier device in the iPad 3.

Find yours here: SOLApad

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