The SpareOne Emergency Phone is built for, well, emergencies. When your everyday phone isn’t accessible you can use this AA battery-powered device anywhere within range of a GSM cell tower.

1. Insert a new or existing SIM card
2. Turn on the phone and call

Even without a SIM card, the device has one-button pre-set Emergency dial button, and can be geo-located in an emergency.

It also boasts a battery shelf life of 15Yrs and talk time up to 10 Hours with the included Energizer Ultimate Lithium L91. But you also works with any NiMh rechargeable, alkaline or lithium AA Battery.

Available in 2 different GSM Frequencies: GSM 850/1900 MHZ (USA) and GSM 900/1800 MHZ (EU/Asia/Africa/Oceania).

Spare One Emergency Phone retails for $59.99

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