Shazam, the ever-popular music app, is taking it to another level with Shazam for TV.

Television shows and advertisements have already been compatible with Shazam via select partnerships like  the London Olympics and Super Bowl commercials. But it’s been announced that now Shazam will work with shows on 160 channels in the USA, with the exception of some local programming.

One user was able to use Shazam while watching Friends, and the app pulled up information like cast details, music in the episode, actor info (and gossip), Twitter messages, the show’s official web page, as well as the IMDB and Wikipedia pages, merchandise and the option to share Shazam’s info via Facebook and Twitter.

In fact, the Facebook integration pushes Shazam activity to users’ Timelines.

According to Shazam, 250 million people worldwide have used the app.

via Mashable

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