Holiday dinners may never be the same! The Waring Pro Professional Turkey Fryer lets you deep fry a turkey  (as large as 18 pounds!) in just over an hour. The appliance works via a rotisserie function that alternates direction, turning the turkey to cook evenly and retaining all the natural juices inside.

Best part is, it does it using 1/3 less oil than conventional fryers. But you can still remove the rotisserie to deep fry large portions of all your favorite foods like chicken wings and french fries.

Plus, you can fill the 2.5-gallon stainless steel reservoir with water and use it as a steamer!

– 1800W heating element
– Stainless steel vented lid to keep food crispy
– 120-minute timer and Power and Ready indicator lights

Waring Pro Professional Turkey Fryer

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