The PayPal Here is a small card reader designed for iPhone and Android devices. Similar to Square, it allows small businesses to accept credit card payments and checks, plus manage cash via the accompanying app.

The Here tackles some of the concerns had by the Square, namely in terms of its physical adherance to the phone. The Here has a hinged plastic panel (a smaller triangle) that pivots downward over the front edge of your cell, helping to keep it stable during the swiping process. And the wider base of the triangle allows for a longer runway for the bottom edge of the credit card.

An additional benefit is that if you happen to not have the reader with you, you can take a photo of the credit card and PayPal’s software recognizes the card’s digits. The app also lets you accept checks via photograph. Just take a pic of the front and back of the check, much in the same way many bank apps now do.

New York Times Business Day via gdgt



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