One of the best things about holiday parties is surround sound, but if your house isn’t equipped for that designer Jinseup Shin has created a pretty cool solution with the Plug In & Enjoy speaker concept. I think this needs to come to market asap!

The Plug In & Enjoy is about the size of a power adapter and plugs right into any outlet. It’s designed to receive an FM signal from your home stereo, cellular, iPod or any other device that connects to an FM transmitter.

Once it’s plugged in, just turn the front part of the speaker, much in the same way you’d turn a knob, until the device detects the signal coming from your music player. Once detected, the LED light turns green. If it’s found the correct station just wait 3 seconds until the LED turns red, and then the knob switches to control the volume instead.

Plug In & Enjoy Speaker Outlet Concept

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