Boxes will be flying through the air more then every this year as online shopping continues to grow

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but, if you are boxing your own presents why not spice it up a little and wrap it with Hinged Packaging Tape? This is a great illusion that will even fool your local postman. It’s basically a clever design that’s just clear box tape with printed antique looking brass hinges. Many different looks are available and it’s not just for boxes. If you have some old cabinets or furniture that are missing hinges, its easy to fool onlookers using X Tape.

Find you printed tape here: Hinged Packaging Tape by X Tape

See it in action:

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  1. Nancy Reames says:

    X-Tape “Hinge” and “Strap” are available for $15.00 at this etsy store “MechaKucha808”

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